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Now solve your #1 customer complaint for good! The Flo-Director is the piece youve been waiting for. The problem is all too common - water over shooting hooded gutters where converging roof lines meet. Currently available products prove ineffective. Fix it once and for all with FloDirector. Developed in conjunction with one of the largest dealers, the Flo-Director is the result of extensive research. When installed in known problem areas, over shooting was virtually eliminated in every case. As seen below, the Flo-Director retains the system's  aesthetics by leaving the front of the gutter untouched.

The Flo-Director is precision CAD engineered to
provide a perfect fit on the large size  gutter. Constructed from .040" aluminum, it is stronger than the gutter itself. Its brilliant baked-on enamel finish ensures lasting beauty. The Flo-Director comes in a 2-foot section available in low-gloss white and can be jobsite spray painted. Installation is as easy as this:

Place supplied template on gutter and trace outline.

Cut away top of gutter under template

Center Flo-Director over opening and secure with zip screws.

    Specially engineered for maximum water control. The  drop stops here!

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