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The Vellemann K8200 3D Printer Kit                

   Ever dream of creating your own products? 

   Making custom parts right in your own shop or home sound nice?

   Thought 3D printing was way too expensive?

            The 3D Printer Kit That Makes 

                    It all Possible!

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It's a build it yourself 3D printer kit to print objects of maximum 20 x 20 x 20 cm using PLA or ABS filament (3 mm plastic wire).
 It is an extremely fast, reliable and precise printer even when printing at higher speeds.
The K8200 is compatible with all free RepRap software and firmware.
 It is made out of aluminium profiles and is easy to assemble, it leaves room to the user to freely alter the machine and modify it to their liking.
 The print bed is heated.

Here is  the available color filaments:

The printer comes with a small sample to start with - we stock full spools in most colors.

This is not a beginers kit. It does require soldering skills and some basic hand tools to complete.
A neat work space with room for assembly is required.
A PC or mac is required to download the assembly manual and the Repetier software which controls the printer.
A VERY detailed and excellently written assembly manual describes everything in detail with pictures for every step.

Here is a link to the Vellemann site to check out these downloads........